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Google AdSense Earnings: Tested ways to boost your Adsense revenue

Do you want to maximize your Google AdSense Earnings? Monetizing your website with AdSense is one of the easiest ways to make money on the internet, it is a get paid to work at home business.

Below are 11 tips and tricks that will help you 3x your AdSense revenue in no time.

1. Build an audience before setting up AdSense

Though it may be tempting to set up AdSense on your website right after you’ve published the first piece of content—the temptation is best avoided.

Cluttering your website with ads before anybody really knows about it will likely put visitors off, and consequently, they’ll be less likely to share or link to it. This limits your ability to emerge as an authority in your niche.

Focus instead, on winning a sizable audience in terms of email subscribers, RSS readers, and monthly visitors before you start displaying ads.

2. Place Ad Units above the Fold to Increase Google AdSense Earnings

The closer your Ad Units to the top of the page, they more likely they are to be viewed and clicked. While it is good to have ads above the fold, don’t cram it with ad units. Users are turned off if they open a website and all they see is ads, making it hard for them to read the actual content.

3. Allow Text & Image Based Ads type

Enabling your ad units to display both text and image/rich media ad types, increases the number of ads competing to appear on your site. More advertisers in the ad auction drive higher bids and more revenue for you. On average, publishers see a 59% increase in eCPM earnings when they make these recommended changes.

4. Increase the size of your Ad Units to Boost Google AdSense Earnings

Forget all the other size options that Adsense gives you. Bigger is better. Forget trying to blend it into your content, just make them visible so people can’t miss it. Advertisers prefer wider ad units for their premium inventory, resulting in higher bids for ad placements.

5. Strategically place or position your Ads

Where you choose to place the ad on your site will make a big difference to the number of clicks that you get, because the more obvious the ad, the more likely someone will be to see it. It’s hard to judge on your own website because we look at our sites differently to how other people view them, so the best way to start seeing results, is to experiment with ad placement.

6. Review and optimize your ads

You shouldn’t get too comfortable with your ad layouts. It’s easy to get comfortable with a certain amount of revenue if you are making money online, but you should always be testing to ensure you can maximize your revenue streams.

7. Place ads within the post content

When we talk about AdSense and increasing, Adsense revenue, the best way to do it is by blending your ads in between the post. Even though this practice makes your content experience not so great, but it definitely increases your CTR & overall AdSense revenue.

8. Optimize the color impact of text ad units

Experimenting with the color of text ad units is essential to increasing their visibility. An ad style that work on a light website theme may look too bright and distracting on a darker one, turning users away not only from the ad but from the web page.


For the most unobtrusive user experience, match the background and border color of the ad unit to the background of the page where the ad will be placed.

For a more distinct ad, match background and border colors to your website, but don’t match them exactly to where the ads are placed. Try out different styles and measure ad performance over time to settle on the best performing format.

9. Create and implement responsive ads

This ties into a larger point of implementing a responsive design on your website (which is something you really need to do if you’re running a website in 2015). Wikipedia explains responsive design as follows:

“Responsive web design (RWD) is an approach to web design aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, mobile phones).”

Last year, Comscore reported that mobile platforms — smartphones and tablets — combined account for 60% of total digital media time spent, up from 50% a year ago. If your website is not optimized for these devices, you’re missing out on a big opportunity to capture this audience.

So what does this have to do with AdSense, you ask? Well, AdSense plays well with responsive design, and allows you to generate codes for responsive ad units, which automatically resize themselves to offer the best viewing experience to the mobile audience. Do this now because that 60% is a number that’s only going to go north.

10. Keep your design and content user-focused

In the mad race to increase ad revenues, it’s easy to lose sight of the real goal of why your website or business exists in the first place—to provide value to users.

Use a judicial mix of ads and content so that users are not overwhelmed by the former. Sometimes ads are placed haphazardly on the web page and in between content without any thought to usability or aesthetics.

Even Google says that to get the most of your account, you should first consider the user and then think about anything else. Doing it the other way around is like putting the horse before the cart, it’s never going to work.

11. Publish high-quality content on a regular basis

This really is the big one, the other points are all just tweaks in one way or another—but when it comes to AdSense earnings, content really is the king.

Simply put: No traffic, no money; more traffic, more money.

But this is always easier said than done. It helps to publish content about a topic that you’re both interested in and have some level of expertise in, as people will then be more likely to view you as an influencer on your topic.

Google’s algorithm rewards websites that publish content on a regular basis with a higher ranking, and consequently, higher traffic—so make sure your publishing is more predictable than erratic.

Finally, going the extra mile to optimize your content for search engines can yield great results in terms of organic traffic, especially, in the long run.

Conclusively about Google AdSense Earnings

Making your first $100 on Adsense could be really difficult, that’s why you need to make sure you set up your blog correctly from start. Also, make sure that your website category is advertising friendly because your AdSense income depends a lot upon the category of your website.

Most bloggers opt for Google Adsense initially to become their own boss. There are lots of examples of Nigeria bloggers that are earning well from Adsense. Professional bloggers like Linda Ikeji are now full-time blogger from part-time.

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