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Google Adsense Themed Ad Units Can Brighten Up Your Holidays

What are Google Adsense Themed Ad Units? The answer is quite simple. They are the ads that have special colors and graphics to celebrate any specific season!  For instance, you might see your advertisement as orange and black with a cat for Halloween. How about a fashionable red print with a green mistletoe looking like a tree for Christmas?

The Themed Ad Units are specifically tailored to users in the relevant areas as determined by their computer IP address. For instance, if the user is in the U.S he/she might see colors and graphics appropriate to the 4th of July. While users universally could see shades and graphics for New Years Day. Don’t miss reading Adsense Account Being Disabled: Protecting Your Adsense Account

This is an excellent tool to pull the audience. Every section has some symbolic items to celebrate. People are connected to these things so combining the themed ads based on these things can cast an impact on the audience and lead to more clicks on your ads.

But some people may not be involved in colorful themes and may just be concerned about the actual service or that the ad is offering. It depends and no one can tell specifically that either we should use themed ads or not. In our opinion, using these ads is useful as seen that impressive companies like Google itself also uses a theme according to the event or season in an appropriate geological area.

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Again, it’s your decision and your page. You are the one to choose everything. You can utilize Google Adsense Themed Ad Units on your own. For doing so, just log in to the Google AdSense account, then to the My Account tab. After that to the Account Settings page, then to the Ad Type Preferences section, and hit Edit. You can now approve or incapacitate the Themed Ad Units. Save your changes. You are ready to apply to all your Google Adsense Ads.

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